We are Jaimie & Rene (Jar)...We met as children but never really connected as friends until recently when Tim Bamford,  (Rene's brother and Jaimie's husbands best friend) took his own life. Tim was struggling with the stress in his profession as a nurse, and with the relationship he was in that was extremely toxic and abusive. He was known to many of his friends and in the athletic world as "BAM". He even had it tattoo'ed on his bicep... After Tim took his own life, it brought our families together and we became very close. Jaimie was a home baker, and Rene has been a chef for many years. Over the years, Jaimie made many attempts to get Rene to go into business together and bring two creative foodie minds together. After many years of Rene turning Jaimie down, Rene lost her long term job in senior care due to her own struggles with mental health and the lack of support in it. At that point, the decision was made to take the ultimate leap and work for ourselves. We were approached by the previous owner of sweetie pies bakery to purchase the business as she felt the time to retire was coming. So we kept her amazing bakers, and purchased the business, and here we are...Bam Jar! Bam in honour of Tim bringing us together, and Jar, for Jaimie & Rene. Kind of like Jam Jar, BUT Bam Jar...with our hope of success with fresh food, and goodies to feed Regina's soul with our passion for healthy and tasty food, we are hoping that we can get to a point that we can put some financial support into men's mental health, and to help men who are in abusive relationships. We feel like there tends to be a stigma that men do not suffer abuse...and we would love to provide the support that Tim did not receive.